Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fun run with Dean Karnazes!

I'm pretty stoked right now. I posted awhile back about how I signed up to run the North Face Endurance Challenge Marathon in Kansas City this summer as my first marathon. Well today The North Face announced that there will be a fun run in about 2 1/2 weeks with Dean Karnazes in Kansas City! I'm already signed up to run a 10k race that day, but the fun run doesn't start until 10 am, so I think I can swing it. Hopefully the incentive to finish my 10k so I can run with a famous ultra runner will motivate me to run my 10k quicker. After all I'm really hoping to finally break 1 hour in the distance...
Here is the info on the event for anyone in or around KC interested in this fun run!
Dean Karnazes fun run info

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  1. Thanks for helping us spread the word about our first road race, The North Face Endurance Challenge, Kansas City. We hope you can make the run with Dean so we can meet!